New Year, New Decade, New Website!

Introducing our brand new website, and how excited are we to finally launch it?!

We were busy little elves in the lead up to and during Christmas, and were working hard to bring you our brand new website.

New website for Cocorose London

 For the 'techy' ones reading, you may be interested to know that we replatformed and moved from Magento 1.9 to Shopify. We hope that this move will help us to bring a lot more of our on-going actions in-house as well as making our site more search friendly for you.

Following a lot of conversations and feedback from you, our lovely Cocorosers, we've also recategorised and have clearly put Foldable Shoes (Leather and Non-Leather), Trainers and Boots at the top, so making it much quicker for you to search your favourite styles.

For our loyal Cocorosers who know what you want, you can also shop by Style, and we expect styles such as Clapham, Barbican, Harrow and The Royal Ballet will be popular!

We've also focused on key areas that are important to you, such as bringing to the fore Why Cocorose? Here you'll find lots of information about Comfort & Well-Being, Design & Foldability, Craftsmanship, our philosophy Womenpowered and Our Associations.

We've also highlighted Our Story and, in keeping in touch with what's important to you, enabling you to Meet Janan, our Founder, where-ever you are in the world.

A wonderful friend and Cocoroser Cherene said, "I absolutely adored the read ups. You feel like you are sitting having a cup of tea with Janan. I like that!"

So many of you have also emailed and telephoned us to say how the site is looking so glossy, polished, clean, vibrant and fresh. Thank you!

There's still a lot of work to be done on it, including sorting out functions like our Filter (thank you Tanya!) and adding our Jewellery to the site which will make our Shop The Look section on our Homepage better.

We also have a few more shoe styles that we haven't yet added and of course, we need to add our Reviews to the site so you can easily read what other Cocorosers are saying!

But this is all good stuff because managing a website is constantly Work In Progress and it never stops!

If you have any feedback for us about our website, please get in touch and let us know. We'd love to hear from you, as always ♥️

We hope that our new site will bring you a more enjoyable shopping experience and will continue to welcome you into our world of beautiful shoes.

Happy Cocorosing xx



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