Pumpkin Picking - A Fun Day Out with the Kids

Pumpkin picking in the lead up to Halloween - a fun day out with the kids

Elin and I had a really fun (and reeeaaally muddy!) morning picking pumpkins. I must admit I hadn't pre-booked tickets so finding a farm that was close enough to us and with availability so late in October was a tad tricky. So when I happened to find a farm that was about an hour away and that had the last remaining 2 tickets for entry at 8.45am, I naturally jumped at them, only to realise that we had about 15 minutes to get up, get ready and GO!

Pumpkin picking in the fresh air at a farm

And go we did! I'm so glad we got into the get-up-and-go gear that morning because we had the most wonderful time out in the fresh air. Although I tried to tell Elin how vegetables are grown and all that jazz, perhaps it wasn't quite as exciting as actually seeing all those fabulous pumpkins and squash in all shapes and sizes and vibrant colours... and trying to pick them up!

Picking fresh pumpkins and squash in the lead up to Halloween

Elin chose a number of different pumpkins and we popped them into our cart as we wheeled our way round. As yet more pumpkins got popped in, I kept thinking about who we could palm them off to, for fear of having pumpkin soup for the rest of the year! 🤣

Cart full, we made our way to the farm shop. Face masks were required before entering the shop and I had my bright and cheerful Pleated Poppies & Daisies cotton mask on, which sparked a lovely chat with the lady behind the till and then another lovely chat in the coffee / pumpkin spiced latte queue.

Fun Things To Do with the Kids In the Fresh Air

Both with busy little toddlers, our conversation revolved around children and their acceptance of adults wearing face coverings. I've been chatting to Elin about why we need to wear them and the importance of masks for quite some time now and I find it really interesting how she doesn't have a problem with face masks and people wearing them. In fact, she says, "Mummy mask" and "Daddy mask" and differentiates between our face coverings. I try and wear more fun and bright masks on the days that we're together, hence the Poppies & Daisies, so it becomes more cheerful and interesting for her.

Latte in hand, we headed to the playground for a quick run around in the muddy field before heading home. My trainers were covered in thick mud as we squelched our way back but I'm thankful I wore those rather than my new White Rainbow trainers which, let's be honest, would have been ruined. The mud has finally dried off so now I have to just wipe them clean and, perhaps when I have five minutes, I'll brush the soles clean with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Fun activities to do with the kids

Now that the clocks have gone back an hour and the days become shorter, I'll definitely need to find some good indoor activities for Elin and I to get stuck into. It's a bit early to say yet, but I wonder what the shorter days and restrictions around meeting friends and family indoors will do for morale, especially in these covid times...? What do you think?

One thing is for certain though. With still a few days to go before Halloween, get yourself over to a pumpkin farm and out into the fresh air. It's the most wonderful activity to do... with or without busy, little, fun-seeking kids 🎃

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