Precious Memories from Our Summer Holiday

* Written 29th July 2021 *

Summer Holiday in Wales

Hello Cocorosers 💗
How are you?

As entrepreneurs running our own business, Gareth and I are terrible at taking proper time off, but this summer, we decided that a mini staycation break would be most welcome before September and the arrival of Baby Bump. Elin had the most wonderful time in Conwy along the beautiful Welsh coast and it was just so lovely seeing her little excited face and how she was able to run free along the sand. Have you managed a little me-time yet or have something planned?

In other news, have you been following the Olympics? I just loved how, during the opening ceremony, Team Ireland bowed to their hosts. So beautifully respectful of the Japanese culture and the spirit of the Games. Well done Ireland! And of course, no different to any other sporting event in that there can only be one winner, but the emotion of victory versus heartache just seems so much heavier with the Olympics. Dreams are made or crushed and either way, you can feel the incredible passion, commitment and heart that the athletes have put into their lifetime of training.

And finally, please forgive me for recycling the images below, if you've already seen them! The holiday break has indeed caught up with me 😅

Stay safe and sending you lots of love,
Janan & Team Cocorose xx

Women's designer trainers

One can never be sure what the weather will be like whilst on holiday, so I packed my trusty footwear; flip flops and Hoxton trainers. Despite the heavy bump, I walked for miles in my trainers along the beautiful coast and up Conwy Castle. Plus the last thing you want on holiday are painful feet so good shoes are an essential!


Is it better to wear a pleated or curved face mask

It was encouraging to see the use of face masks and I, for one, felt safer for wearing mine and thankful to others for wearing theirs. I took a fabulous selection with me to keep things fun and light-hearted (plus anything to avoid constant laundry!).



Travel hand wash, hand lotion and sanitising spray less than 100ml

The perfect size for chucking into your handbag or packed case, these little essentials pack a mighty punch. I found myself silently patting myself on the back for launching these 😊, especially when hand washing is so critical.


View from Llandudno Pier in Wales

Beautiful Wales. This was taken from the Pier along the Llandudno coast.

I also posted these pictures onto our Instagram Stories but thought I'd include a selection here too 💗

Summer holiday in Wales

Conwy coast

Summer holiday in Wales

Home made pavlova

Elin and Caddy

Conwy Castle

View from Conwy Castle

View from Conwy Castle

Statue in Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle

Chips from Conwy Pier

Conwy Quayside

Statue on Llandudno Pier

 Running free Conwy Coast

Conwy Coast


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