New In - Our Cocorose Face Masks

Cocorose Face Masks | Non-Medical Cotton and Silk Face Masks

I'm excited to finally bring you our Cocorose face masks. Beautifully made using quality cotton and fine silk, it's taken me a while to get the right fit so that they're comfortable and practical to wear whilst also offering protection.

In line with our Hoxton Rainbow Trainers, we'll be donating all profits from the sale of our face masks to our selected charity for Children's Mental Health.

Many of us may find it a little unusual to wear masks but I hope that you'll like the design and the fit of our masks and that it'll make hopping on and off public transport a little bit more pleasurable.

I've compiled a little FAQ for you below, so please just scroll down to read more.

We will continue to do our best to find new ways to help you, our wonderful Cocorosers, and our community throughout these challenging times.

May I once again say a huge Thank You to all of you fabulous Cocorosers for your continued support, trust, loyalty and care for us. It really is so heart warming and so, so appreciated. Thank you.


Face Mask FAQs:

Are They Machine Washable?
Yes, they are.

Are They Elastic or Tie?
They're finished with two elastic hoops to fit comfortably around the ears.

Will They Steam Up My Glasses?
No, they've been designed and cut on an angle to follow the natural contours of the face and, unlike the straight-cut masks, they won't steam up your glasses!

What's The Fit Like?
Because of the angled cut, they offer a snugger fit with improved protection over the nose, mouth, cheeks and jawline.

Do They Have Filter Pockets?
Yes, there are two internal pockets for filter paper. You can just cut filter paper to size.

Do They Come With A Pouch?
In true Cocorose style, our cotton masks come with a matching storage pouch - practical but also stylish and fun.

Are They Unisex and For Kids?
We thought about making them unisex but actually, this doesn't quite work as men, women and children have different face sizes. Our masks are designed for women. If you think we should make them for men and kids, please let us know!

Are They All Printed Or Do You Also Do Plain?
Our cotton masks are printed and our silk masks are plain.

What Charity Will The Money Go To?
We are just working through the details and are looking forward to announcing our selected Children's Mental Health charity soon. The charity will be the same as our Hoxton Rainbow Trainers. 

Can I Get A Discount On Face Masks?
Because we'll be donating all profits to charity, discounts will not be available to use on the face masks. Thank you for understanding and for your support.

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Would love to see a mask for men – they don’t make nice masks for us yet!

Jack March 30, 2023

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