Janan's Top 5 Christmas Highlights

Janan's Top 5 Christmas Shoe Highlights
Our Founder Janan Picks Her Top 5 Christmas Highlights...

"I don't know about you, but I feel like I've been non-stop since summer. We've been away to Osaka, Japan to sell our shoes at the luxurious Hankyu Department Store during the British Fair, Elin started nursery so I'm back in the office a couple of days a week and we just finished selling at the Spirit of Christmas fair. Phew!

"Honestly, all of the shoes that I've highlighted below have helped me survive through this busiest time of the year so I'm sharing them with you as I know just how mental things can get around now! And then to top it all off, the last thing we need is to worry about what shoes to wear to look (and feel!) good.

"As an independent brand designing and selling beautiful, hand-made shoes rather than mass produced TVs or washing machines, Black Friday just isn't right for us. So, we've done a spin on the day and have founded Blister Friday instead. You may have noticed that we've started talking about our Blister Friday campaign and there's a lot more to come so please do stay tuned!

"Here are my Top 5...

Janan wearing her foldable Clapham Burgundy leather loafers in Osaka, Japan during the British Fair at Hankyu Department Store
"Here I am with Elin and one of our wonderful Cocorosers in Osaka, Japan. I absolutely love my foldable leather shoes called Clapham. Apart from being super comfy, they are SUCH a beautiful burgundy colour and are the perfect alternative to black or navy. I've been pairing mine with my black and white jumpsuit (in the picture above) but also with a pair of high-waisted, houndstooth print trousers.
"2. Ok, so technically I'm not allowed to count all these gorgeous Claphams as 1 of my highlights, but just look at them! How can I choose?! The Pewter and Rose Gold are so stunning for party nights out, Christmas day and New Years Eve. The Dusky Pink is just so chic. And the Navy. Well, it's navy. You will never, ever go wrong. And did I mention how comfy our Claphams are?! An absolute dream. No joke.
Cocorose London Mayfair Grey Snake Print Scalloped Leather Ballet Flats

"3. I love our new, pretty and feminine Mayfair scalloped ballerina style in grey snake print. Granted, it's not for everyone as it doesn't have the elastic topline which I know so many of you lovely Cocorosers love. But it's so pretty and feminine! Mine actually have a metallic shine (they're my original samples) but I actually prefer the matt look. So effortless.


Cocorose London Hoxton Burgundy Leather Trainers with Woven Side Panels

"4. When we did the Spirit of Christmas fair the other week, our Hoxton leather trainers were a real favourite and we had a number of Cocorosers who tried them on and then decided to just keep them on as they're soooo comfy! I'm wearing my favourite autumn trainers here - the Hoxton in Burgundy leather which are so, so comfy.


Cocorose London Hampstead Flat Ankle Boots in Grey Snake Print Leather

"5. These Hampstead, flat leather ankle boots are so fab and so, so soft. I've been stomping around in my pair since autumn and I can't see myself getting out of them at any time soon! They're definitely my go-to leather boots.


"So there you have it. My top 5 Christmas picks and my favourite shoes that have - and will - continue to help me survive this most busy and fabulous time of the year.

"Happy Cocorosing!"


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