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We're often asked, "Who is the Cocorose Woman"? But the truth is, our customers aren't a marketing persona and so we don't just have one. Our campaign "In Your Shoes" tells the wonderful stories of our Cocorosers, from all walks of life and from all around the world. Strong, beautiful and completely unique - we can't wait to introduce you to each other.



Cocoroser Grace for In Your Shoes

 She's talented. Hard-working. Ambitious. And so, so lovely. Meet Grace, one of our younger Cocorosers, but with the steely maturity that most of us in our 30s are yet to find!

Cocoroser Grace wears her Cocorose Hoxton Trainers | In Your Shoes

I met Grace in the spring of 2018, when she, with mum Cherene and dad Moray, visited London from Stirling, Scotland.

With three generations (mum, grandma Jeanette and Grace), that love and wear Cocorose shoes, a visit to our Cocorose HQ was pencilled in the diary. I remember it so vividly. When they arrived, Grace was wearing her 'die hard,' silver snake print Cocorose trainers and, very shyly, she handed me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. The timing of her flowers coincided perfectly with my little bump (I must have been about 4 months pregnant at the time) and this, along with our mutual love for Cocorose shoes, began an enduring friendship.
Grace gained a place at RCS Juniors and wears her die-hard, lucky Cocorose Hoxton trainers in silver snakeprint
But back to Grace. Did I mention that she's talented? Super talented? The girl is still in school, taking exams, but has been training night and day and gained a place at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Juniors studying classical voice. In the run up to Christmas last year, she sang with Royal Conservatoire Scotland with the Junior Symphony Orchestra. Sadly, I didn't make it up to Scotland but I did see lots of pictures!
Grace singing with Royal Conservatoire Scotland Juniors

Earlier, I mentioned that Grace was wearing her 'die hard' trainers when I met her. They're her lucky shoes, as she fondly refers to them, as they have been with her every step of the way on her journey to gaining a place in Royal Conservatoire Scotland and Scottish Opera Young Company Gateway. Being an avid Cocoroser, Grace has a number of pairs of Cocorose shoes and she lives in them, from school days to evenings to all day at the weekends because, as she says, "they give me absolute comfort and I never, ever have sore feet."
Ready for School in her Cocorose black ballerinas

A memorable 'Cocorose Moment' for Grace was in the summer last year, when the family were invited on to HMS Forth. In keeping with a true nautical theme, Grace wore her Clapham Coral shoes and mum Cherene wore her navy Clapham pair. 
Invited on to HMS Forth in Stirling and wearing nautical Cocorose Clapham Coral

In her down-time (how she manages to squeeze that in is beyond me!), Grace loves spending time with family and she enjoys watching her favourite films Dirty Dancing and Back To The Future and singing along to Les Miserables and the Phantom of the Opera (naturally!). She also enjoys cooking with boyfriend Angus (although, I hear, Grace prefers baking and leaves Angus to cook her favourite dish, sirloin steak (excuse the pun!) with peppercorn sauce and triple cooked chips mmm!

Grace in London and wearing her Cocorose Hoxton Star Trainers
To be honest, just the triple cooked chips would be enough to send me off to happy land but Grace, being ever so gracious, tells me that being a Cocorose Ambassador and seeing Team Cocorose every time she comes down to London makes her happy (swoon!). Although, on second thoughts, it may be more about getting a sneaky peek of some of the new and upcoming styles rather than anything else! ❤️

Gareth and I have had the pleasure of meeting Grace and her wonderful family on a number of occasions and, after a number of months following our first meeting, we were also able to introduce Elin to everyone.
Grace, Elin and Janan | Cocorose London

Grace, it's an absolute pleasure that you're such a fabulous Cocoroser and part of our Cocorose Family.

Happy Cocorosing xx




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Hi, that is so funny to see my old school in Glasgow, then called Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. I did 2 years Mmus Opera and Advanced Opera there 1995-97. Uh, long time ago. Now I am retired from singing, but I really enjoyed being there for 2 years! I did 4 productions at the Academy. All the best of luck to Grace with her singing! I also like wearing my Cocoroses, …😉

Noémi February 17, 2020

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