How Foldable Shoes Can Help in these Strange, Challenging Times

Cocorose Foldable Shoes - ideal for slipping on and off
You could easily be forgiven for feeling like shoe shopping is way down on your list of priorities as our country is in a state of lockdown hitherto unknown in peacetime. However, there is no reason that you should ignore little life hacks that can make a big difference!

Going food shopping, for instance, is to be treated with the kind of military, surgical precision that you might previously have thought the domain of post-apocalyptic series such as The Walking Dead! You want to be well prepared. You want your gloves, your mask and your antibac (if you’ve been lucky enough to find some). You also want to be able to leave your shopping shoes on the floor of your car and quickly change into something easy and clean. What better than a pair of foldable ballet pumps that neatly fit into your handbag or tote? The convenience, comfort and reassurance of having a completely clean pair of foldable shoes that you can use for driving, fold into your bag and then put back on after entering potentially unsanitary spaces cannot, in these times, be overstated. You will be able to take your shopping out of the boot and into your home without worrying about having to change your shoes again entering the home.

Of course, shopping is only one example of how these foldable shoes can make a difference during the Covid-19 pandemic. But, for many of us of course, shopping for food is the only reason we have for entering such indoor public environments.

And yet, there are still all those key workers out there doing their bit for the country and their local areas, whether they are nurses, doctors, paramedics, some teachers, supermarket shelf stackers and serving staff – all have a vital role to play and all could benefit from having the safety net and comfort of a lovely pair of foldable shoes to change into after a long shift in a space that may have been exposed to the virus. Anything that can reduce the risk of bringing dirt and viruses into the car and then home in this unprecedented time is not only doing you and your family a favour, but also reducing the risk of you spreading the disease farther and onto other, potentially vulnerable folk.

The great thing about these foldable shoes is that they are not only highly portable, but they are also big on comfort and very stylish, so you get a three pronged victory! You will feel quite decadent pottering around the house in these and they’ll take the edge off those isolation blues. Those that go down the foldable shoe route never turn back and so this is an investment that will last way longer than this lockdown and see you transform the way you treat your feet. There are so many occasions that don’t quite call for slippers but ideally demand something you can slip in and out of – foldable shoes are the answer.

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