Hat's Off To Working Mums

Hat's Off to Working Mums - Our Founder Janan Shares Her Thoughts About Working Mums

Oh my goodness, total respect for all working mums out there.

I never appreciated how hard it is to manage work and baby before I had Elin. But how can you know what it's like until you live through it?

Of course, I wouldn't change having Elin for the world... but just 5 minutes peace or the chance to enjoy a hot cup of tea would be so, SO lovely 🤣

As I write this, I've got a snoozing Elin on my arm so I can't move to get my laptop. Oh wait, why bother, as my lovely cherub managed to break it the day before!

Yup, having spotted a new 'toy', Elin's little hands were all over it. And you know when you just can't prise their hands away from anything, no matter how hard you try? The screen just couldn't cope, it went black and flickered and, well, laptop no more!

Which is why the mobile phone is an absolute godsend for us working mumpreneurs. Business at your fingertips. Speaking of which. Last week, Elin and I had just finished a 2 hour session at one of our local drop-in playgroup sessions. Two hours chasing after Elin non-stop is pretty tiring, so I desperately needed a coffee afterwards and Elin was also hungry. So in between feeding her the spag bol that I had prepared earlier, I also had to catch up on emails before the team left the office for the day. And then... I overheard the lady at the table next to me say to her husband, 'mums today just spend all their time on their phones.' 😱😱😱

I know it shouldn't have, but it really bothered me so that evening, I mentioned it to Gareth who quite rightly said thank goodness for the mobile phone because it allows me to stay in touch and run the business which in turn employs people, helps the economy and, most importantly, gives me the freedom and time so I can spend these precious moments with my favourite little person, Elin ♥️

So, working mums, I totally get it and respect to you; you're doing amazingly well! Btw, it's taken me all day to write this... 🤣

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