Blister Friday Is Almost Upon Us!

Nevermind Black Friday; this year, we've founded a very special day called Blister Friday.

Just click on the video link above to hear why our founder Janan founded Blister Friday and what the day is all about. Or, keep reading below to learn more...

As our thoughts turn to the festive season and all of the upcoming Christmas parties, we know that our feet will be in desperate need of comfort after wearing painful high heels.

In our previous blog about Blister Friday, we highlighted some incredible stats about how long it takes for our feet to start hurting after wearing a pair of heels. To reiterate... not very long!

So, with 12.5 amazing years of experience under our belts designing and creating beautiful, comfortable and fully foldable flats, it's high time we founded the day and stepped in to save your soles!

However, ensuring you have a pair of comfortable shoes to change into during or post party isn't all what Blister Friday is about. We conducted a survey recently and discovered that 11% of women felt at risk getting home from a party whilst wearing heels. To be quite frank, we believe that this is 11% too many. We would urge all women to pack a spare pair of flats so that they can quickly change into them for their journey home.

Cocorose flats are foldable and compact and they come with a little travel purse, ensuring that they are fully portable. In the back of the travel purse, there is also a black satin carrier bag folded up so that you can put your removed high heels into the bag and safely carry them home with you.

Now, if you've never come across us, we'll forgive you if you think that Cocorose shoes are purely 'emergency shoes' but here's the exciting part; they are far more than just that! We don't do throwaway, we don't do flimsy or paper-thin, we don't do uncomfortable or digging into the backs of your heels and we certainly don't do ugly! So if you're after a pair of quality, unbelievably comfortable and beautifully stylish shoes to change into for the party season (or just wear!) then you've definitely come to the right place.

Our foldable shoes don't feel foldable and they certainly don't look foldable but they come with all the benefits of being portable, compact, lightweight and space-saving, so you can pack a pair into your handbag. Or, simply fold each shoe and stick them into each coat pocket!

Keep your eyes peeled for the lead up to Blister Friday as we'll be holding lots of competitions and giving you lots of top tips throughout the week.

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