Unique as a Fingerprint

We love ROC's exquisite collection of fine silver jewellery, beautifully designed and created from nature.
Exquisite jewellery by ROC. Nature to Treasure. Nature to Treasure. Exquisite jewellery by ROC.
Real flowers, leaves and seeds are individually coated in fine silver and finished with gold and silver trims, natural pearls and precious stones. A delicate fusion of science, art and nature, ROC's special process and cutting edge techniques, developed over three decades, enables the celebration of minute details of nature's beauty, creating truly individual pieces that are as unique as a fingerprint. We've highlighted a few of our favourite pieces for you below...
ROC's Double Orchid Necklace, made by dipping two mini orchids in fine silver. This orchid necklace, made by dipping two real mini orchids in fine silver and featuring a cluster of delicate silver chains, will be perfect for all those upcoming summer garden parties.
ROC's mini orchid and ruby earrings Speaking of summer garden parties, let your ears do the talking with these mini orchid and ruby earrings.
ROC's fine silver oak leaf and white sapphire pendant Taking contemporary jewellery to the next level. This beautiful oak leaf has been dipped in fine silver and offset with a cluster of white sapphires, creating an exquisite pendant.
ROC's gorgeous brooch, made with a real gingko bilboa leaf dipped in fine silver and highlighted with 12k gold. This gorgeous brooch, made with a real gingko bilboa leaf, is dipped in fine silver and highlighted with 12k gold.
We absolutely love this real lemon pendant. Made with a real lemon dipped in fine silver. We absolutely love this. A real lemon dipped in fine silver and made into a stunning pendant. Now that's what we call ultra chic statement jewellery.
Discover more, browse the full collection here and let us know what your favourite pieces are! xx

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