The World of Frasier Krane

Frasier is a favourite in Cocorose Towers and recently, I had a little taste of the live radio world of Frasier Krane. I had a wonderful chat with Hannah Murray on Talk Radio Europe, Spain's largest English speaking radio channel, just a couple days before the Orange British Academy Film Awards 2011. Hannah wanted to know about our exclusive BAFTA Shoes that I had designed for this year's beautiful Gift Bag and also about our new spring and autumn collections for Cocorose London. Besides chatting about our gorgeous diffusion line of foldable shoes, we also discussed our new "Luxury Heritage" collection of super chic, non foldable, made-in-England ballet pumps. If you fancy a bit of a laugh, you can listen to the live interview chat by clicking on the following link; Just a couple days ago, I also had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Sumaya Anwar of Liberty Radio in North London and visited her in the studio for an on-air chat. Great fun and here's a little souvenir picture! Still a way to go to catch up with Frasier but it's a start...! :)

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