Summer Blues? We've got you.

With the weather rapidly cooling and clouding, it seems like our British summer has come to a rather abrupt end. However, it's isn't all doom and gloom, we've put together a mini list of things you can do this weekend to lighten to mood. How about... A visit to a rooftop cinema before it's too late? Catch the last of the The Rooftop Film Club's showings whilst the evenings are still mild and before they close for winter. Showings until 11th September.   rooftopcinema   Or a visit to our Pop Up Shop in Covent Garden (1 Shelton Street, WC2H 9JN) before it closes on the 31st of August! Open from 11 - 7pm on Saturday and 12pm - 6pm on Sunday.  

Shop pic 2

Visit the Real Food Market at Southbank Centre Square and pick yourself up some delicious and ethically sourced food. Choose from over 40 food and drink producers. Cheers!


And if none of this helps, maybe it's time you just embraced the autumn? How about we ease you in slowly with our shimmering new collection. Click on the image below to have a browse.

Royal Ballet Clara RESIZE

Whatever it is you decide to do with your weekend, we hope you have a fantastic one!

Happy Cocorosing


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