Our Clapham Style 🎥

Our Founder & Designer, Janan Leo., introduces the Clapham style and chats with us about why this has become such a staple in our collection.

'This is our Clapham style. I  originally designed this as part of our SS14 collection and it's become a mainstay in our collection, so it's available in a number of different colours. I just wanted to show you the leather because it’s  a really special leather that we use. Everything is hand woven and hand crafted so we combine two pieces of leather to make one. One piece of leather is perfectly cut into strips and then this is then handwoven into the main piece of leather to create this beautiful, handwoven effect that we use.

I'm now also starting to introduce our new leopard print pony hair which is also in a Clapham style, and this model is  proving to be  a popular style going forwards.

The special leathers and the loafer shape make the Clapham style look really effortless but I believe the  magic in this style is that  it actually complements a number of different foot shapes.'

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