Mother's Day, what's it all about?

Mother’s day is just around the corner and for some of us that means a rushed last minute trip to the corner to pick up a naff card and bunch of slightly sad looking flowers (sorry mum!). However, this month at Cocorose London we’ve been thinking a little more about what Mother’s Day really means. We all remember being  at school and playing the old mum comparison game. Everyone out to prove that their mum was the uncoolest of all mums and had the hardest time because of it. I remember so clearly how hard done by I felt whenever mum told me I couldn’t do or have something. ‘What do you MEAN I can’t get a tattoo? Sporty spice has one!’ and ‘Mum, ALL of my friends pluck above their eyebrows and shave above their knees!’ – anyone else been saved from near certain disasters by their lovely mums? I certainly have. It’s often only when we get older and begin to understand what it’s like to be an adult, start work, have children of our own (!) that we can really appreciate all the things our wonderful mothers have done for us. Thank you Mum! Thank you for stopping me from getting that awful lizard tattoo, from plucking my eyebrows into oblivion and most of all for teaching me how to decide to be happy. Not all of Mother’s Day is naff. Actually, when you strip it back, it’s a great opportunity for mothers and their children, all over England to raise a glass to themselves and each other and recognise the incredible and selfless achievement that motherhood is. All mothers are working mothers after all! If you decide that this is the year you’d like to do something a little special and a little different for your mum, Cocorose can offer you a great gift idea. Now, we know no two mums are the same so here are a few suggestions… For the classic chic mums... Muswell Hill Cream and Floral Red   For those glamorous mums... Buckingham Patent Rose For the wild mums... Canonbury Dalmatian And for the mums that are simply from Wonderland...

Royal Ballet AliceWhich ones will you choose?

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