Just 100 days until The London 2012 Olympics, will you be Cocorosing It?

If the title didn't give it away already there are just 100 days until what has been described as the greatest show on earth. Yes that's right, it's the final lap until The London 2012 Olympics!!
With spectacular sporting events from Gymnastics to Sailing being held in the capital and other parts of the UK, the Olympic games will run from the 27th July until the 9th September.
With all that running around the city you're going to need to invest in some sensible flat shoes. But sensible shoes don't have to be as dull as dishwater.
Oh no... sensible shoes can be sophisticated, stylish and sassy and here at Cocorose London we have just the ticket.
We for one will be wearing our beautifully British Luxury Heritage ballet pumps. Lovingly hand-crafted in Northampton, England, the Luxury Heritage collection are available to purchase in three classic colours and have a cuddly cushioned insole, so your feet will be sweet from morning till night.
Also available are the Cocorose London dazzling Diffusion range. With foldable ballet pumps available in red, white and blue, you'll be able to celebrate in true British style.
We just couldn't help ourselves! What are you waiting for, Cocorose It today!  

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