Five minutes with... Tom Bem

Our newest discovery at Cocorose HQ has been the 'Pass It On' E.P. by exciting new music talent, Tom Bem. Tom is from London and has written a collection of catchy songs that have had us bopping around the office all week. When we heard he was a shoe fan too (probably not ballet shoes though...) we knew we had to have a chat with him. After a five minute phone call, we were sold. He not only agreed to answer our questions but also made sure all of our Cocorosers are able to download every song on his new E.P. for FREE! What a wonderful man. Here's what we talked about... CRL: Tell us a little about yourself Tom... TB: Well, I'm a songwriter and producer from South East London and for the past year I have been show casing my songs under the artist name Tom Bem. I write the songs, sing them and produce them! I am 24 and I  pretty much live in my studio. But that really is only a very little about me! CRL: We're sure people will want to know much more! However, the clock is ticking, this is 'five minutes with' after all. Tell us how you got into music? TB: When I was 14 I picked up the guitar for the first time and soon became obsessed. Practising a minimum of 4 hours a day. Being a guitarist seemed like the coolest thing in the world 10 years ago, but now, for me, it was just the catalyst for my career in song-writing and production. CRL: And describe your new E.P. 'Pass It On' to us in three words...if you can! TB:  That's-quite-hard? Six-months-work? Lyrically-driven-productions? My-artistic-expression? CRL: Well that was a collection of three worded answers but we'll let you have it. So what comes next for Tom Bem? TB: Gigging and touring! I'd love to see some Cocorosers at my shows! CRL: And finally, we hear you're obsessed with shoes, is this true? TB: Yes! I love shoes. I've been obsessed for a few years. I used to spend every spare penny on shoes but nowadays I've got this grown-up restriction they call "responsibility" which doesn't allow my collection to grow at its desired rate. If I were a lady, I'd be wearing a pair of Cocoroses right now! Unfortunately I am not, so I am sporting a pair of white and green Nike blazers. CRL: Fantastic! Thank you so much for taking five minutes with Cocorose Tom! You can watch Tom Bem's latest video release here - And if you're interested in finding out more then please visit Tom at or catch him on twitter at @Tom_Bem for more information! For your FREE downloads, click here:

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