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Cocorose London Strand Gemstones Foldable Espadrilles Cocorose London's Foldable Strand Espadrilles with Gemstones

Festival Feet! From beach parties to glamping, it goes without saying that compromises must always be made for lighter packing. All of our beautifully made shoes fold into their compact travel purses, making them the perfect festival companion. Good things really do come in little packages!

Shop our Festival-Ready collection below and revel in carrying that handy-sized backpack that fits all your travelling essentials...

Highbury White Pony Hair & Marble
Highbury White  White Hot! Beautifully scalloped with three layers, our Highbury folding ballerinas add a touch of glamour to any festival or after party outfit.

Strand White Crochet
Strand White Crochet Coachella calling! Combine these espadrilles in white crochet with a little playsuit or a floaty maxi dress for a dreamy festival look.

Cocorose London Barbican Pink Snake
Barbican Pink Snake In the Pink! Adorn yourself with our stylish Snakeprint foldable ballerina pumps in trend-colour rose quartz.

Cocorose London Strand Black Crochet
Strand Black Crochet These foldable, espadrille style loafer slip-ons ooze casual chic and combine dreamy crochet detailing & canvas and come with their matching travel purse.

Cocorose London Carnaby Orange XO Applique
Carnaby XO Applique Fun, fabulous & foldable - what more could you want? These espadrilles in colour pop tangerine will make sure you stand out of the crowd.

  And finally, here's how you can really up the glamour stakes, as nature intended... Into the Woods Be at one with nature with ROC's dreamy Woodland Pearl jewellery ensemble. Made from real woodland stems coated in fine silver and complemented by a single Japanese Akoya pearl, this is unique festival fashion at it's most glamorous best.
Woodland Pearl Necklace
Woodland Pearl Bracelet

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