Do Cocorose Shoes Fit a Wide Foot

Did you know that the average shoe width is a “B,” so width sizes C and D are considered wide shoe sizes; size E and up are considered extra wide. We often get asked whether Cocorose shoes are suitable for wide feet, like this email we received from Jane... Hi there, Very interested in your shoes, but I have wide feet. Does Cocorose cater for me? Many thanks. Regards Jane Luckily for Jane, the answer is... yes! Having personally met and spoken with a number of women who have wide feet and are convinced that they would never fit into our shoes, more often than not, they're always pleasantly surprised. Because our shoes are constructed using soft and pliable leathers, the shoe moulds to the feet and the extra bit of 'give' ensures splendid comfort. The soft and gently elasticated topline also helps to accommodate different foot widths and is gentle on a slightly wider foot. We would always recommend trying our shoes as that will be the best way to know whether they're a good fit for you or not. And of course, if you need any advice or have any queries, we're on hand to help. We hope that you too might also be pleasantly surprised! :)

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