Are Cocorose Shoes Completely Flat or Do They Have a Small Heel?

We are often asked about the heel heights of our shoes. Take Rosemary, for example, who emailed us the other day wanting to know whether Cocorose shoes are completely flat or if they have a small heel so her foot would be raised off the ground. A very fair and important question, and one that we would like to address here on our blog, considering that many ballerinas or 'flats' on the high street have almost non-existent heels. To start with, all of our outer soles have heel heights of at least 8mm. In some styles such as the Harrow, Pimlico and Hampstead, we've also incorporated an extra, concealed wedge heel which is built inside the insole of the shoe. The concealed wedge heel has a gradual elevation, starting from around the middle of the shoe and gradually rising until the heel of the foot is elevated. At its highest elevation point, our concealed heels boast an extra 1.5cm heel height on top of our 8mm height, equating to at least 2.3cm.  Coupled with double cushioned insoles to give great underfoot padding and comfort to the feet and pillowed Achilles heels to avoid any pinching, we're proud to create beautiful and stylish shoes that are also insanely comfortable and functional. Do watch our video which features our Founder & Designer Janan chatting about our Harrow style and the concealed wedge heel;

As comfort progressively defines contemporary luxury, it remains our mission to continue designing beautiful, comfortable and functional shoes, empowering busy, on-the-go women and facilitating their fast-paced lifestyles that are so prevalent in the 21st century.

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