Cocorose London On Location in Thailand!

This has been a long time coming but I'm still extremely excited to share with you some "behind-the-scenes" moments during our new AW12 collection photoshoot... on location in Thailand! Having spent a good half of 2011 designing and working on the new AW12 collection, I couldn't think of a more suitable place to capture the elegance, grace and glamour of the collection than the newly opened, extremely plush and exclusive 137 Pillars House in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Walking through the unassuming front entrance, I was quietly impressed, for I felt as if I had suddenly stepped into Narnia or Alice in Wonderland. The surroundings engulfed me and I stood, mesmerised, just taking in the marriage between old world elegance of the Orient and ultra modern luxuries. I was there to meet Mr Zul, Director of Sales & Marketing, who was incredibly charming and indeed excited to have Cocorose London on board so early after opening. Within a couple of days, Team Cocorose London were set. My crew and I arrived early in the morning to shoot in our  first location, which was in one of the beautiful guest suites, complete with own outdoor pool for a refreshing dip. Despite the gorgeous four poster bed and sparkling white chaise longue, when I saw the walk-in closet with back lit red walls, I knew this was the perfect background for Cocorose London's classic styles - but with a cool and contemporary twist.
Kien, our photographer, also fell in love with the patterned floor of the suite so we took a few snaps here as well.
 For lunch, we headed to The Gallery Bar & Restaurant, for a scrumptious bite to eat and to review the morning's progress and prepare for the afternoon ahead. As I found myself relaxing by the riverside and watching the boats float past, I knew it was time to get up and go, and get cracking on the work ahead. Arriving back at 137 Pillars House, we moved around the vast space seamlessly, snapping indoors and outdoors depending on the strength of the sunlight. Here are a few more pictures to show you the wonderful setting and to give you a sneak preview of Cocorose London's fabulous new AW12 collection of foldable ballet pumps... 
And finally, I can't write this Blog without showing you a picture of the glamorous swimming pool...
  written by Janan Leo, Creative Director & Founder of Cocorose London,

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