Burger & Lobster

So Cocorose London took a trip to Burger and Lobster. Here are the results...



B&L Tool

Phoebe particularly enjoyed this special little lobster tool with lobster motif. Very cute. For getting all the meat from the small tricky places...yum!

B&L P and L bibs

And then the bibs came out, which prompted a BIB SELFIE! And then everyone else had to have bib pictures too...

B&L J and G bibs

B&L E and T Bibs

B&L J and G

B&L T and E

B&L Icecream

And of course, mandatory Before and After pictures...

B&L Before

B&L After

The whole experience was entirely delicious, we highly recommend! Find out more details at www.burgerandlobster.com

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Happy Cocorosing!


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