A Few Very Good Reasons To Cocorose It!

Now, we all know that Cocorose London's marvellous shoes can be worn all day everyday but they're also blooming fantastic for carrying around. They're the ultimate rescue shoes. And here are a a few very good reasons to Cocorose It (as if you need any more than the shoes themselves..!). Visit www.cocoroselondon.com to get a pair for yourself! 1) Heels and London Buses aren't always the greatest combination. Steep stairs, high heels and a moving bus? Spells disaster...

  2) Carrying your heels in your hands ruins your glamorous outfit..!

3) They fold to fit so beautifully into your handbag so there really is no excuse...

4) They look great! Note: Cocorose London cannot stop the tube coming mid shoe-change!

These are the Kew in Blue! Available here

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