Showtime x Cocorose: A Day of Inspiration, Connection, and Empowerment

Showtime x Cocorose: A Day of Inspiration, Connection, and Empowerment

“It's Showtime and let's get this show on the road!” wooped Olivia Marocco, Founder and Editor of Brand You magazine, the UK's leading magazine for female entrepreneurs.

Brand You Showtime Programme

It was a beautiful spring day and we were at The Underwood Lofts, a new, contemporary and stunning space right in the heart of Old Street, London. The stage was set, the atmosphere buzzing and eager attendees filled the chairs that lined and criss-crossed the room.

This was Showtime, Brand You magazine's first-ever flagship event, curated to bring the pages of the bi-monthly business publication to life and coincide with celebrating Brand You’s 3rd birthday.

Filling the room was a gathering of female entrepreneurs and business leaders, TV and radio celebrities, magazine editors, renowned journalists, publicists and brand experts. With networking, masterclasses and panel talks scheduled throughout the day, Showtime promised to be the ultimate Brand and PR event of the year.

Brand You Showtime Panel Speakers and Experts

But let’s re-wind a little bit so I can put this into context. I met Olivia at the Best Businesswomen Awards gala evening last year (where I picked up the Gold award for Best Product and Silver award for Most Inspiring Businesswoman) and so when she invited Cocorose London to be a sponsor of Showtime, I was keen to support her vision and more than intrigued about what the day would entail. As a female entrepreneur myself for the past 17 years, I've personally experienced the power of collaboration first-hand and how, when entrepreneurs join forces, good things really do happen.

Hoxton - White and Pastel Pink Leather Trainers with Gold Studs

As a sponsor, we had a unique opportunity to showcase our multi award-winning collection of trainers and flats to Showtime’s captivated audience, adding a stylish and comfortable touch to the day's proceedings.

With the event focused on Branding and PR, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to put context and motion behind what PR actually is and bring it to life. How brilliant would it be to see Cocorose shoes winning over the stage and on the feet of those talking about PR and how to increase visibility? This would be a real-life example of effective PR in practice and a fun way to bring our sponsorship to life too.

Brand You Showtime x Cocorose London
Brand You Showtime x Cocorose London

And so the day began. From the moment that Olivia bounded onto the stage in her fantastic fuchsia pink jumpsuit paired with her Hoxton Rose Gold Rainbow trainers to officially introduce Showtime, there was applause and cheers. There was energy, passion and a sense of palpable excitement to get the show on the road!

Olivia Morocco of Brand You

The lineup of speakers and supporters was nothing short of impressive. A heartfelt thank you to the panelists who proudly wore, flaunted and loved their Cocorose trainers;

Katy Sunnassee, also known as The Health Editor and Editor of Top Sante and Platinum magazines, wore her Hoxton Gold with Black Star trainers although she did admit it was difficult to choose as there are "so many amazing designs!";

Justice Williams MBE, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Black Business Magazine, wore her Hoxton Black Studded trainers and said, "They are me summed up in a trainer. I'm black and white - no grey area, the spikes are defo my personality on the outside but soft on the inside";

Nicky Hambleton-Jones, an executive personal stylist and TV presenter, wore her Hoxton Striped & Studded Pastel Pink trainers with her fabulous pink suit and said they're "super comfy and fabulous. I'm going to be wearing them all summer long";

Amanda Fitzgerald, an award-winning PR and Media Training Expert, wore her Hoxton Dove Grey Leopard Print trainers and "LOVES my Coco's" and has been wearing them ever since;

Dani Wallace, Founder of the I Am The Queen Bee Movement, wore her Hoxton Queen Bee trainers and said, "I ADORE my Cocorose Queen Bee trainers and I love them even more now!" on discovering that they're part of our Honeypot Children's Charity collection;

Kirsty Gale, Founder of Red Carpet Ready, wore her Hoxton White Striped trainers and couldn't stop saying how comfortable they are;

And of course, Olivia Marocco, Founder of Brand You Magazine and Showtime, so fabulously flaunted her Hoxton Rainbow Rose Gold trainers.

Katy Sunnassee and Nicky Hambleton-Jones

Each brought their unique perspectives and expertise, contributing to the rich tapestry of knowledge and inspiration that made the day so impactful. Seeing our Cocorose shoes featured prominently as part of the panel discussions was a testament to the impact of thoughtful, strategic PR and branding efforts.

In addition to providing a dynamic environment for learning and growth through the thought-provoking content and inspiring talks, there were also numerous opportunities for meaningful connections. Catching up with familiar faces and meeting new ones was a joy. The sense of community and shared purpose among attendees was palpable. Conversations flowed effortlessly, sparking new ideas, potential collaborations and a deeper appreciation for the collective power of women supporting women.

Justice Williams and Dani Wallace

Of course, my personal highlight of the day was seeing Cocorose shoes worn by such fabulous and inspirational women both on-stage and in the audience. It was incredibly rewarding and I swelled with pride and joy. This was a tangible reminder of why I do what I do – creating footwear that is not only beautiful but that also empowers the wearer.

Janan with Brand You Showtime Cover Girls

A huge round of applause to Olivia, for not only conceiving the idea of Showtime but for having the determination and gumption to actually bring that dream to life. Showtime was more than just an event; it was a celebration of creativity, collaboration and empowerment. It was a day that brought together diverse voices, ideas, and experiences, all united by a common goal of pushing boundaries and achieving excellence. And for Cocorose, it provided us with a beautiful opportunity to showcase our collection and increase our visibility amongst women with a shared passion for meaningful business.

Janan & Team Cocorose xx

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