Our Mother's Day Edit of The Most Comfortable and Stylish Foldable Shoes

A beautiful edit for Mother's Day | Cocorose Foldable Shoes


This year, Mother's Day in the UK falls on Sunday the 22nd of March.

Over the years, we've received some really lovely emails from some of our Cocorosers telling us that they find the idea of celebrating Mother's Day really hard. They don't condemn others for celebrating this happy day, but at the same time, they're grateful that we've showed sensitivity and care through our carefully chosen words.

I've noticed that a number of the high street retailers have been adopting an 'opt out of Mother's Day' option this year too. Is this something that you've liked? Appreciated? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this.

For us at Cocorose, words are never enough to thank our mums for all that they have and continue to do for us. We know that for so many, this very special day can be really hard. Especially for those that have lost their mum or are struggling to become a mother themselves. But we should also try to remember that Mother figures come in many different forms.

So here's to all the women that gave us life, raised and supported us and taught us how to be good people. Mums, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, guardians and friends - this goes out to all the strong, smart, brave and beautiful women in our lives that inspire us every single day.

Thank you.

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