New In Pink and Grey Leopard Print Trainers

* Written 24th September 2021 *

Leopard print star trainers

Hello Cocorosers 💗
How are you?

NEW IN this week are the gorgeously contemporary Hoxton Trainers in Pastel Pink with Grey Leopard Stars. Pink and grey make for such a beautiful match and the addition of grey leopard print lends a subtle edge. Our skilled team literally hand-craft each shoe, one by one, from start to finish, and we only make in small batches to ensure quality and sustainability.

In other news, we also re-launched what I think must be the prettiest ballerina out there, our face masks have been published in a children's book, I share our candle project and what life is like one week after the birth of our little one. Just scroll on down for more! 💗

Stay safe and sending you lots of love,
Janan & Team Cocorose xx

Cocorose face masks and Prince William

What a wonderful surprise we had when we were sent a book, The Adventures of Poucher and Big Guy in the Time of Covid, by Arthur Pendrill Charles and Kate Anderson, and saw that our fabulous face masks were mentioned! 💗 Plus the book is thoroughly enjoyable too!



Pretty ballerinas Oyster nude shimmer pink
Possibly one of the most beautiful ballerinas out there, these stunning, shimmering, oyster pink leather flats are so incredibly comfy too. Just look at all that heavenly padding! An absolute gem and a must-have for those special events.
Toiletries gift set

Beautifully packed into our pink gift boxes, you can mix and match 2 or more bottles from our selection of hand washes, hand lotions and hand sanitising spray and we'll take care of the rest. A wonderful treat for yourself or someone special 💗


Sneaky peek - behind the scenes of candles

I've been working on our new debut collection of candles and wanted to share my progress with you. This is just a very, very draft mock up but gives a little idea. I would love to hear your thoughts on anything candle related! Do you love them? Loathe them? Buy them as gifts but never for yourself? Anything at all, feel free to just reply to this email and let me know 💗

Mumpreneur - running a business with kids

You have all been so, SO kind with your messages, cards, gifts and words of love and encouragement to help us along this journey. Thank you 💗 I don't think anything can prepare one for the change a newborn baby brings. I certainly would never have guessed... I've always been so career driven but there's one thing I've learned for sure. When life gives you lemons... my goodness, just make that lemonade and make it the yummiest, sweetest and most enjoyable lemonade ever! 😊

I really debated whether to post this picture, as it is properly raw and unfiltered. The breastfeeding boobs, the pillowed tummy that still makes me look pregnant, and although you don't see it in this picture, there are bags under my eyes and I'm not even sure I washed my face! But this is reality and to be honest, I'm not in a rush for this to change (yet!🤣). My goodness, it's only been a week and a good friend reminded me today to just slow down and enjoy these very special moments 🥰 So for now, you'll find me on the sofa with one (or both) of these munchkins - and never far from a slice of chocolate cake!

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