How To Wear Your Cocorose Face Mask

There are all sorts of face masks or face coverings, if you prefer, available now and the choice seems endless. What we would advise however, is making sure that you purchase a quality face mask that has been well designed and cut so that it is contoured to your face and fits well. Ideally, it should be double layered with a filter pocket, so you can pop in a filter, making the mask triple layered.

Cocorose face mask | facemask and face covering | Quality and 100% cotton and silk

Our Cocorose face masks are considerately designed and made for exactly these purposes. Every piece is hand cut and hand stitched to our quality standards in our family-run studio.

Our face masks are cut on an angle so that they follow the natural contours of your face. This helps the mask fit properly and gives maximum coverage whilst feeling comfortable.

Cupped area should be at the top, for your nose | contoured to fit your face and gives a comfortable feeling

If you hold the Cocorose face mask by the elastic on each side, you will see that the top is more 'cupped'. This cupped part is so that it comfortably fits over your nose.

Once you're holding the mask the right way up, simply slip the elastic loops over each ear. Our elastic is adjustable, so if you need to loosen or tighten slightly, you can easily do this.

Quality cotton and silk face mask and face coverings | comfortable, breathable and lightweight

Once the mask is on, you'll notice how it's shaped and contoured. The mask slightly dips and beautifully curves under the eyes and gently rises up the nose. If you wear glasses, this is so important for you, as our masks won't steam up your specs!

Make sure your mask covers your nose and mouth well and comfortably. We only use natural, quality 100% cotton and 100% silk to make our face coverings so that they're lightweight, easily breathable and they stay cool.

There are so many masks using different types of fabrics and materials, many with man-made materials, but try to avoid these and stick with natural materials such as cotton and silk. They're naturally breathable and much better on your skin.

Our face masks come with a matching storage pouch for convenience and safety

All of our 100% cotton face masks come with a matching storage pouch so you can easily and safely store your mask in the pouch when you're not using it. After you've used your mask, you can pop the whole lot into the washing machine.

Our face masks are beautifully wrapped in tissue paper before being posted out | lovely gift and present

For every face mask sold, we are donating all the profits to our selected charity that supports children's mental health. We feel incredibly passionate about this and are so proud to be able to help raise money for this extremely worthy cause.

Why not have a look at our range of stylish, protective and comfortable face masks here. Each mask is UV scanned before packing in a resealable bag for hygiene purposes and then beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and posted out the next working day for you. They also make the most gorgeous gifts for your mum, daughter, friends, in-laws, aunties etc. Have a look and let me know which ones you've gone for? Stay safe and happy shopping 😊

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