Flats with Purpose

Flats with purpose

Hello Cocorosers 💗

We all know that when it comes to shoes, not all are created equal. Although I'm definitely biased, I can honestly, hand on heart, say that all our flats are so thoughtfully considered and crafted with purpose.

We take great pride in our manufacturing process; responsibly hand-crafting each pair to protect the jobs of people and preserve the art of traditional hand-lasting of shoes, which is sadly being lost due to automated machines and the competitive nature of the high street.

A few weeks ago, I discussed the overwhelming excess and surplus stock of a certain global brand collaboration with fallen rapper. The sheer magnitude of these numbers is quite staggering. In contrast, there are brands, such as Cocorose, that prioritise producing in small batches to minimise waste resulting from excessive production, and so contributing to a more conscious and responsible fashion industry.

And finally, what is the purpose of business, if we can't make a positive difference? Our Green schemes will see us a plant a tree for every order and to encourage a more circular model, we'll also recycle your pre-loved Cocorose shoes to ensure they don't end up in landfill. We're also incredibly passionate about our work with The Honeypot Children's Charity and the money that we're raising through our Hoxton Rainbow Trainers and new candle that we'll soon be launching.

Thank you, as ever, for your support and sending you lots of love,
Janan & Team Cocorose xx

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Clapham white leather loafers ballet flats

An absolute essential for sunny days, these hand-woven leather loafers look so smart paired with everything from jeans to chinos to summer dresses. 

Excellent service again. Have the navy and now the white. Just love them, so comfortable.
- Christine R.



Navy leather loafers and ballet flats

There's nothing like a pair of chic, navy loafers to pull your outfit together. These are also a beautiful shade of navy.

Fabulous shoes
I love the Clapham loafers. I have them in several colours. Smart, elegant, practical, comfortable. Beautifully packaged. I wear them all the time.
- Samantha W.



Velcro white leather trainers

Glamorous, romantic and fun, these leather low-top trainers are a true all-rounder, working hard for wardrobes across the seasons. Three rose gold Velcro straps ensure no time is wasted when you're in a hurry and the striking lightning bolts add a touch of energy, sophistication and playfulness.

"Genuinely comfortable shoes! I find it so hard to find comfortable shoes. I usually live in a pair of Claphams which are always my go-to, but...I decided to try these based on the reviews and was so impressed that I bought a second pair to put away! I hope there’ll be more Velcro styles again soon."
- Ciara C.


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