Flats Are Back In The Fold

Our founder & designer Janan Leo  behind the scenes of  'The Apprentice' with Claude
Our founder & designer Janan Leo 
behind the scenes of
'The Apprentice' with Claude

In the battle of the shoes on last week's TV programme, The Apprentice, trainers ruled triumphant over killer heels when it came to retailer orders, proving just how far female shoe trends have changed over the last decade.

A recent Mintel report points to a market in which stiletto sales have fallen to just 22 per cent of shoes sold in 2018, compared with 27 per cent in 2017. Even the one-time queen of stilettos, Victoria Beckham, has switched to wearing flats.

The rise and rise of flats is one of the reasons why we have grown our range, from our signature folding ballet shoes, to now include trainers, loafers, sandals, boots and vegan ballet pumps.


Cocorose Shoes - folding shoes, trainers, loafers, sandals, boots and vegan ballet pumps


Back in 2007, when we launched our first collection of foldable flats, we had to shout louder than the brands offering skyscraper heels. However, over the years we've seen how our pretty ballerina flats have become the first-choice footwear for many women, even though they remain the vital back-up for the 22 per cent of women still teetering around in uncomfortable shoes.

We don't do boring, frumpy or uncomfortable shoes. Each season, our designs reflect key fashion trends whilst ensuring that they're realistically wearable for our busy, on-the-go customers. With double-cushioned insoles, pillowed Achilles heels and buttery soft leathers and materials, our supple and flexible shoes induce comfort in every which way possible.



This season is a classic example, with Cocorosers having a range of animal print options to choose from, including dalmatian, snakeprint and leopard. Leopard-print seekers can choose from a 'Carnaby' leopard loafer in suede-like fabric, a 'Harrow' leopard pony hair ballerina with black gloss toe-cap, a 'Clapham' leopard loafer in pony hair, a Barbican black leopard ballerina and the 'Hampstead' boot that everyone is talking about, being half black pony hair and half leopard pony hair.

Our boots have everyone agog, as witnessed at the Spirit of Christmas show in London last week, where buyers could not get enough of the front-zipped Hampstead range and the Kilburn boots with integral sock, which can be worn down for slouchy Sundays or pulled up for sophisticated statement Saturdays. Both have a concealed inner wedge heel, providing 1.5cm of lift.

Hampstead comes in silky pony hair in black or black and leopard, as a metallic bronze leather boot, or as premium leather, 3D-effect boots in black, olive and navy. The sock-it-to-em Kilburn boot is fashioned in navy, olive and black. All of the boots cost £120.

Our founder & designer Janan Leo 
on 'The Apprentice'

Our Founder, Janan Leo, says: "Shoe fashion has changed so much over the past decade that we can now confidently put a whole host of different options in front of our customers, including our stunning boots, which enable high-heeled boot wearers to effect a swap and opt for comfort, in the same way as our shoe wearers.

"Flats have come a huge way since 2007 and there is certainly no stigma attached to wearing them. We wouldn't have changed a thing in our early years however, as attitudes back then made us work so much harder to create beautiful and insanely comfortable foldable flats that win the attention battle in any room – even, just as in this week's Apprentice, the boardroom."

The whole collection can be found at www.cocoroselondon.com



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