Blister Friday

Halloween is over, the clocks have fallen back and the nights have started to draw in. This can only mean one thing... the party season is right around the corner!

We know all too well what this means in terms of fancy footwear, so we're stepping in this year to help, with the perfect pair of foldable party shoes!

 Cocorose London Barbican Desert Gold Glittery Foldable Party Shoes
Barbican Desert Gold - the perfect pair of foldable party shoes


We all get carried away with glitzy heels. Beautiful, high heels that elongate your legs and make you feel like a bombshell (for the best part of 10 minutes, anyway!). Within those 10 minutes, your mind plays tricks and you convince yourself that you'll be fine for the long night ahead and the endless hours that you'll spend on your feet.

The reality is that on average, high heels start to hurt after just 1 hour and 6 minutes of being worn, but 20% of women will start to feel the pinch within just 10 minutes!

So this year, we've taken matters into our own hands and have founded our own style-cred awareness day - Blister Friday - taking place on Friday November the 29th, to keep women’s feet in better shape and enhance their safety whilst getting home from parties.

Our Blister Friday is the first night of the pre-Christmas party season, and one on which various awards ceremonies will also be staged UK-wide. Fashion victims of all ages will find it’s truly murder on the dancefloor, thanks to their unforgiving heels. Alas, the Blister Friday ‘walk of shame’ will be performed by women in every city centre and at every party venue, who hobble home, or lose fashion credibility by going barefoot, with none of Cinderella’s fairy-tale grace. Many will (literally) be plastered; others vulnerable.

Ouch! Blisters caused by wearing high heels are all too common, hence we founded the day called Blister Friday

Ouch! Blisters caused by wearing uncomfortable high heels are all too common


Luckily, we've stepped in with an array of party shoe saviours, from black to gold, to help savvy sole sisters make it right through the night, whether they choose to wear their Cocorose flats as their first-choice footwear, or prefer to keep a pair folded up in their handbag for when their heels start to pinch. If the latter, then they can also discreetly carry their removed high heels in the black satin bag that's cleverly tucked away in the purse's back pocket.

Cocorose London The Royal Ballet Black Sparkly Foldable Ballet Pumps
Black + Sparkle = You Cannot Go Wrong
Cocorose London black satin carrier bag tucked into the back pocket of the travel purse, for use of safely carrying removed high heels
Unfold the black satin bag from the back pocket of the travel purse so you can safely and discreetly carry your removed heels with you


To help reduce the number of blister sisters in 2019 and assist the 11% of women who have felt at-risk when getting home from a party, as they were having to walk barefoot (according to our survey commissioned through Gorkana Surveys), we encourage you to check out our range of fabulous, foldable footwear on

All that remains is for us to wish you a very sparkly party season ahead and to make sure you don't leave home without your pair of Cocorose's foldable shoes! #BlisterFriday

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