A HUUUGE Thank You

Thank you for all your support. With love from Team Cocorose

Hello Cocorosers 💗

I just wanted to take a moment to say a HUUUGE THANK YOU for continuing to support and place your orders online or over the telephone with us. Your loyalty has always been so important and it continues to mean the absolute world to us.

I know that now, more than ever before, you may be thinking long and hard over where you choose to spend and make your purchases.

As a small business that employs a close-knit team and has other businesses that depend on us, your decision to shop with us is an immense privilege and not something that we've ever taken lightly or for granted.

I'd also like to say that even though you may not have shopped with us before, thank you for sharing the love, helping us to spread the good word about Cocorose and being part of our Cocorose Family. Perhaps you're signed up to receive our newsletters or maybe you've connected with us on Facebook or Instagram.

The other day, I received a wonderful email from Barbara, who has yet to purchase a pair of Cocorose shoes but she receives our newsletter regularly. It was so lovely, that I'd like to share it with you here;

Positivity, Love and Kindness | Thank you from Team Cocorose

Dear Cocorose,

Although I have yet to buy anything from you (I have been waiting for a foot operation), I get your newsletter regularly.

I wanted to thank you for this lovely picture and positive message. I have printed it off and used it to put notes through my older neighbours’ doors with details of meat deliveries, veg and so on.

Thank you for reaching out at this difficult time.

Here is a prayer in the Celtic Christian tradition, by David Adams, who was vicar of Lindisfarne for many years:

Circle me Lord
Keep protection near and danger afar

Circle me Lord
Keep hope within keep doubt out

Circle me Lord
Keep light near and darkness afar

Circle me Lord
Keep peace within keep evil out.

All good wishes,

Thank You from Team Cocorose
To all of our Cocorosers, Thank You. Your trust, loyalty and care for us is heart-warming and so, so appreciated. Thank you.

Happy Cocorosing and stay safe,

Janan & Team Cocorose xxx


Thank you so much Barbara, for your wonderful comment. I will definitely pass on the message to Barbara who will, no doubt, be thrilled! Thank you so much 😊 xx

Janan April 07, 2020

From one Barbara to another-how beautiful are those words. Thank you.

Not ordering right now but will.
Take care everyone.

Barbara Grierson March 31, 2020

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