The (Lady)Birds and the Bees 🐞🐝

We are, of course, referring to a spring rite of passage and the joyous arrival of warmer weather and longer days. Spring has traditionally been a time of celebration, rejuvenation and rebirth and nothing marks the arrival of the new season more poignantly than the colourful explosion of daffodils and the first sightings of a bumblebee.

With spring having finally sprung, it's time for those busy bees to get back to work. To celebrate, we've relaunched our fabulous ladybird and bumblebee loafers and we're buzzzzzing with excitement 🐝

Bumblebee Available in a gold, silver or black shimmer, our fashionable Islington Ladybird loafers with applique and gemstone detailing will guarantee to take you through the day with a smile - and as you know, ladybirds also bring you plenty of luck! Similarly, our gold shimmer bumblebee applique loafers will add some light-hearted fun to any outfit and ensure you're seasonally appropriate.

Ladybird Bumblebee 2

Extremely soft, supple and flexible with double cushioned leather insoles, these fun and fashionable loafers will provide the ultimate in everyday wear comfort and style. In addition, each pair is gifted with our signature matching travel purse so you can either wear, or carry, these lucky shoes with you everywhere you go!

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Islington - Ladybird

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