Our Top 5 Shoes Last Week

We love Sundays. It's a time of reflection over the past week but also a time of thinking ahead to what may be in store over the coming days. With the beautiful sunshine and summer holidays well underway, it's no wonder that we've seen a surge in our sensational Hyde Park sandals, which were also very recently featured in The Daily Mail's YOU Magazine. So here we go... these were our Top 5 shoes that you - our lovely Cocorosers - chose last week.

1. Hyde Park Black

Hyde Park CR0551 Black Straight                        

2. Hyde Park White

Hyde Park - CR0548 White - Birds-Eye                        

3. The Royal Ballet Alice

The Royal Ballet Alice CRRB04 White Rabbits - Straight


4. Stratford Black and Nude

Stratford CR0427 Black and Nude - Straight                        

5. Clapham Coral

Cocorose London Clapham Coral

                          We're looking forward to this coming week. What will our Cocorosers choose? We have a sneaky suspicion that if the weather continues as it has been, that our Hyde Park sandals will retain their top spots! Stay tuned! xx

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