Michelle Obama Makes British Shoe Designer's Day

Janan Leo, the 31-year-old Founder and Creative Director of British foldable ballet shoe brand Cocorose London, is thrilled that Michelle Obama has accepted,  as a personal gift, a pair of Cocorose London Classic Elegance luxury leather foldable ballet pumps with signature travel purse. “It is a huge, personal honour for me that Mrs Obama has accepted a pair of my shoes as a gift,” says the award-winning designer. “I never imagined I would be privileged to have America’s First Lady wear one of my designs.” Janan Leo is a huge admirer of Mrs Obama’s style and of the First Lady’s uplifting message to young people. As a young entrepreneur, she is regularly asked to speak to young people, encouraging them to have confidence in themselves, and to work hard, so that they, too, can turn their dreams into reality. Janan Leo is simply over-the-moon that her personal offer to Mrs Obama, while the First Lady was in London for the Opening of the 2012 Olympics, was so graciously accepted. For her, it’s a real life fairy-tale, and she’s thrilled to bits.

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