London Unfolded... #CocorosingIt in Highgate

London. As one of the world’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, it’s no wonder that our capital is a source of inspiration, from technology and entrepreneurial start-ups to art, fashion and film. Drawing on our own London roots, we’ve named each of our shoes after some of our favourite areas, from Bayswater to Shoreditch and Kensington to Hampstead. Let us take you on a tour of London with the latest in our series of blog posts that will explore the different areas our city has to offer. We hope we will inspire you to pick up your Oyster card, slip on your Cocorose shoes and see what our amazing city has to offer you. #LondonUnfolded  


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With Halloween around the corner, we head to Highgate in North London to explore its famous Grade 1 listed cemetery and nature reserve. Perched on a hill overlooking London, Highgate Cemetery was opened in 1839 and soon it became the fashionable place to be buried. Writers, scientists, painters, inventors, philosophers and a host of other illustrious people, both historic and of our times, are buried here amongst the labyrinth of ornate Victorian vaults and mausoleums, Gothic tombs and buildings and modern minimalist gravestones.


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The cemetery is made up of two parts straddling Swain's Lane. The western part can only be explored via tour group and contains the Egyptian Avenue, Circle of Lebanon, Terrace Catacombs, the Chapel and the Mausoleum of Julius Beer, all fabulous sights. The eastern part is home to the cemetery's most famous resident, Karl Marx, and visitors are free to wander the winding paths amongst angel statutory and historic and modern gravestones. Both parts require an admission fee which goes towards upkeep of the cemetery.

Highgate Cemetery in London, UK tourism destinations

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According to legend, the cemetery is also home to the Highgate Vampire so keep your eyes peeled whilst exploring the place and make sure you're wearing your Cocorose shoes for an easy escape! Afterwards, shake off those jitters with tea and cake at High Tea of Highgate in the village.


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Happy Halloween and

Happy Cocorosing!



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