'Cocorosing It' to the Damien Hirst Exhibition!

Not wanting to let our long bank holiday go to waste we 'Cocorosed It' to the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern on Sunday.
A celebration of his key works which span twenty years the retrospective runs from now up until the 9th September. With over seventy works ranging from the bizarre to the brilliant, (although the jury's out in the office on this one), this is an exhibition not to be missed. Artworks include a room brimming with live beautiful butterflies (yes real ones!) fluttering around and feeding from fruit, but don't worry there are staff on hand to check you don't walk away with a butterfly or two. There is also the rather macabre art-work 'A Thousand Years' which features a rotting cows head and flies...look away if your squeamish!
You'll also be able to see one of Hirst's most recognisable and famous works 'The Physical Impossiblity of Death in The Mind of Someone Living' which features a shark encased in a box of formaldehyde.
For more information check out the Tate Modern HERE  Photo Credits: Telegraph

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