Reward Policy

Reward Points

Cocorose London has created a reward system where points earned are referred to as Rosebuds.

Below we have outlined the terms and conditions for our reward system.  If anything is unclear, please contact us at


You can only earn and spend Rosebud points if you have created an Account with Cocorose London, on . You must be logged into your account to view your balance and to earn points from any purchases.



-       Collect 1 Rosebud with every £1 spent.

-       The Currency Base for the scheme is GB£ sterling.  If items are purchased in another currency, the value will be converted to GB£ at the

        exchange rate and Rosebuds allocated based on the sterling value.

-       20 Rosebuds have the value of £1.00.

-       Rosebuds will always be rounded up. For example, a purchase of £85.40 will be rewarded with 86 Rosebuds.

-       Rosebuds can be earned on all products and Gift Certificates purchased on  Items purchased via stockists or

        other websites are not applicable to the collection of Rosebuds.

-       Rosebuds cannot be earned on delivery charges.

-       Rosebuds are only allocated after any discounts are applied.

-       Rosebuds cannot be redeemed for cash.

-       You must have an account with Cocorose London to receive the Rosebuds.

-       You must be logged into your account to received and spend Rosebuds.

-       If you decide to return your order or part of your order, Rosebuds that have been earned for the returned item(s), will be deducted once

        your refund has been processed.



-       You must be logged into your account to redeem your Rosebuds.

-       Rosebuds can be redeemed at the checkout and used for partial or full payment.

-       If you have selected enough Rosebuds to redeem them, you will have the option of using Rosebuds as one of the payment methods.

-       Rosebuds can be used in conjunction with other payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and gift cards.

-       Rosebuds do not expire.

-       Rosebuds cannot be redeemed for cash.




-       20 Rosebuds are equivalent to a £1 discount.

-       They can be used in multiples of 20 only, so the minimum number of Rosebuds to be redeemed must be 20 (worth £1.00).

-       You can only redeem an even discount, so should you have 105 Rosebuds, you will only be able to use 100, to redeem a £5 discount.

        The other 5 Rosebuds (equivalent to £0.20) will stay in your account.



-       Refer your friends to by sending them your unique promo code, which you can find in the 'My Reward' section on your account page

-       Your referred friends will receive £5 off their first purchase

-       You'll then receive 100 Rosebuds (that's the equivalent to £5), for every successful referral


Cocorose London Ltd reserve the right to make changes to the above terms and conditions at any time.