Meet Janan Leo

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention and this is indeed true for Cocorose London. Cocorose was conceived through my personal need and inspiration; a vision to improve and make easier the hectic lives of metropolitan women through portable fashion considerately designed for today’s modern world.


In early 2007, I founded Cocorose London and invented my foldable footwear concept, to help make my busy lifestyle just that little bit easier and ultimately, to help myself and other women feel great, look great and just get stuff done.


Initially designed as a foldable ballerina style shoe that would fit neatly in my handbag for when my heels would start to pinch, I’m proud that my concept has evolved over the years and Cocorose has become known for our incredibly comfortable and flexible, everyday wear flats and novel designs. I continue to push the boundaries of footwear design and have created further industry-first styles such as foldable loafers, espadrilles, sandals, trainers and even boots. Today, Cocorose London continues to pioneer this space with a unique product and a real focus on quality, comfort, design and customer service.


My core purpose remains to empower women by designing beautiful and incredibly comfortable flats that deliver confidence, ensuring our Cocorosers look amazing, feel even more amazing and can conquer the world.


I’m incredibly proud that my designs are worn by high profile customers and international fashion bloggers but most importantly, that real women all around the world choose to wear Cocorose shoes and keep coming back for more. This for me is truly exciting and rewarding and inspires me every single day.


Janan Leo

Founder & Creative Director,

Cocorose London