Cocorosing It in Istanbul!

Team Cocorose London made a flying visit to Instanbul, to see the International Shoe Exhibition. From the airport, the city's efficient metro whizzed us one stop to the expo centre, where we spent a day meeting people and talking shoes, surrounded by every type and colour of footwear imaginable; cozy furry slippers, bejewelled sandles and ballerinas, chunky boots and crazy heels which were surely designed to go in a Cocorose London shoulderbag.
 Whilst not indulging in shoes we explored the bustling streets and bazaars of the ancient quarter of the city. Against the back drop of the shimmering waters of the Bospherous and the higgldey piggledy skyline broken by domed roofs and slender minarets of countless mosques, it is the perfect setting for the recent James Bond chase filmed here last week!

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