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Burger & Lobster

So Cocorose London took a trip to Burger and Lobster. Here are the results… Phoebe particularly enjoyed this special little lobster tool with lobster motif. Very cute. For getting all the meat from the small tricky places…yum! And then the bibs came out, which prompted a BIB SELFIE! And then everyone else had to have […]

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Cocorosing it at ‘Theo Randall’s’ Restaurant

Our lovely Cocorose team member Elodie experienced some fine dining at the Theo Randall restaurant last Friday. Elodie tried out the sample taster menu and for starters had the (1) ‘Insalata di granchio’ – fresh Devon crab with Florence fennel, dandelion, celery, trevisse and sardinian bottarga. (2) Branzino al forno – Wood roasted sea bass fillet with […]

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