Today I Cocorosed It with Grace…

Aaah, I’ve missed a day already and it was only Day 4 yesterday! Still, we carry on and so today, I Cocorosed It with Grace; so patent, shiny and chic! Here I am in yet another LBD but this time, layered with a white shirt and my trusty black leggings and accessorised with Cocorose’s Grace folding shoes, my favourite Jas bag (again!) and a rather large but much needed Missoni brolly.  It was rather rainy and windy today, as you can probably tell from my squinting face…

It was both windy and sunny, hence the Look...!

We spent most of our afternoon around London Bridge area and popped into a couple of the lovely local delis and cafes in between meetings.

Honestly, we were a group of 5 so the brownies were SHARED!

On our way back to the tube station, the queue for the London Dungeon was massive… we were obviously missing out!

And so another day of work and play for the Cocorose Team… 🙂


Janan Leo, Creative Director & Founder, Cocorose London,

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