Cocorosing It in China Part II

I couldn’t leave China this time without taking a few snaps of what has got to be one of the busiest stations in the world. Or at least that I’ve ever been to…

Guangzhou station is BUSY! I wish I was taller, so I could take a bird's eye view of the place to show you the hustling, bustling, pedestrianized area of Guangzhou train station...


Stallholder after stallholder selling scrumptious goodies to munch on...

Having been away for just over 1 month, it feels good to be returning to some form of “normality” and getting stuck back in at The Chocolate Factory.

On reflecting over the past month or so, I can safely say it’s been another fun adventure. China, Thailand and some bits in between.

I've visited all our factories and have worked closely with our teams for days (weeks!) to bring you the SS12 collection and what I am absolutely certain you'll love...

I’m cracking on with the new AW12 collection and preparing for all our shows, starting in January 2012. Think texture, texture, texture for AW12… some very exciting stuff coming your way soon!

I take inspiration from anything... and in this case, it was the seaweed in my soup, beautifully knotted and tied in a lovely bow!

And yes of course, I’ve dined on my favourite rice and noodles… the food in China is sooooo good.

One of my favourites...wonton noodles!

This black sesame bamboo charcoal cake looked rather daunting at first... but went down a treat!

Gareth and I have now swapped places so he’s busy Cocorosing It in China and will send an update soon! As for me… I’ve got a few months to go yet until my next trip back out there.


Janan Leo, Founder & Creative Director, Cocorose London,

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