Strawberry Fields Forever

The sun has well and truly made an appearance in London this weekend and what better way to spend a sunny Sunday morning than heading off to the wide open fields and picking our own strawberries!

freshly picked strawberries....yum!

Sprawling fields at Parkside Farm

table top bending over required!

We went to Parkside Farm where there is an abundance of fruit and veg, and you can wander the fields at your leisure and pick your own.

Emsal looks rather pleased with her strawberry harvest! Do you think she's picked for two? 🙂

We started off with strawberries but were having such fun we moved on to picking spinach, beetroot, blackcurrants, courgettes and broad beans. This was definitely a novelty and made for a more enjoyable experience compared to the supermarket down the road.

Emsal and Chris with our full wheelbarrow at Parkside Farm

our wheelbarrow filled with our harvests!

not bad for a morning's work!

And finally, we couldn’t wait to get home and indulge in fresh strawberries and cream… the results of our morning’s work! 🙂   To visit Parkside Farm, log on to their website, It’s punnet’s full of fun and makes for a great summer’s day!



Janan Leo, Creative Director & Founder, Cocorose London

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