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As seen in a number of publications last week, including The Telegraph and The Sun and tried, tested and loved by a whole host of bloggers. Scroll down to find out what their new season favourites are…



Harrow Pewter with Sparkly Blue Cap
Harrow Pewter

‘I’m not normally a lover of flat
shoes, but these Cocorose shoes are
my new found love. Like walking on air’

– Blogger Vanity And Me 




Buckingham Black
Buckingham Black

“I love the way Cocorose London has taken what could have been a basic necessity and turned it into a fashion-forward treasure. They are ridiculously comfy to wear and have saved my feet many a time”
–  Travel Editor Lisa Minot, The Sun




Clapham Dark Olive
Clapham Olive

“Made for travelling light”
– The Sunday Express’ Elly Blake
has launched her essential packing guide for city breaks and our lifestyle loafers are on the list.




Hampstead Black 3D Boots
Hampstead Black Pony Hair Boots

Hampstead Boots
‘These beautifully handcrafted boots by Cocorose London are the most charming addition to my autumn wardrobe. 🍂 The 3D leather upper with gold zip closure and plush interior makes this a must-have for everyone’
– Blogger Nigam Prerna